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Built-In Grills

Built in GrillMore and more people are spending time outdoors in the evenings and on the weekends. We applaud such activities. Anything that gets people outside and enjoying the sunshine is a plus. Top quality built-in grills provide a unique cooking option for homeowners who entertain often. Whether you bring friends over after work, or enjoy family dinners on the weekends, cooking in your backyard kitchen can be a real pleasure. The Collective Outdoors aims to help bring such dreams to life!

Our selection of built-in grills fit perfectly into most outdoor kitchen designs. If you have a unique countertop in mind, we surely have a grill to match. Some homeowners choose to purchase their grill separately, while others are looking for the complete package. The Collective Outdoors also provides outdoor kitchen design and implementation, should you wish to elevate your outdoor living experiences. Our expert team can even offer advice on selecting the right grill for any occasion!

The grill you choose will vary depending on your needs. For instance, there are simple built-in grills with a single rack for cooking meat. Others have multiple shelves and a full rotisserie for more extravagant cooking sessions. It all comes down to how often you cook, what you intend to cook, and your budget.

We have styles and brands that fit any budget, so take a look at The Collective Outdoors to find the right grill!

Once you have your new grill set up and ready to cook, we are so sure you’ll enjoy the experience that you’ll wonder why it took so long. Many homeowners have converted to exclusively cooking outdoors when the weather permits!

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