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Recycled Poly Patio Furniture

Recycled Poly Patio FurnitureFor the green homeowner, saving the environment is an active part of life. Even one seemingly insignificant change can make a difference in the community. That is why The Collective Outdoors has a new selection of recycled poly patio furniture available. You have likely noticed that Texas weather is unkind to patio furniture. Metal begins to rust. Wood splinters. Paint chips and fades over time. Recycled poly, however, is durable and dependable. The material is built to withstand both sun and storms, which are all too common in the region.

So why would you choose a recycled material over more common metal or wood patio furniture? Outdoor poly furniture is virtually maintenance-free, safe to use in most climates, has an extended lifespan, and a warm appearance. A few other benefits of recycled poly patio furniture include:

  • Colors fully penetrate the material, which means zero upkeep
  • Poly is simple to clean; just use soap and water. If you have a power washer on-hand, those work, too
  • Outdoor poly furniture does not absorb water, which means the material will not rot, splinter, or attract unwanted insects
  • Poly is available in pure earth tones, pastels, two-tone colors, and vibrant combinations

The Collective Outdoors is proud of its recycled poly patio furniture. This is the very same type of furniture we use in our own backyard havens. The material is just that excellent; the benefits alone are clear as day!

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