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Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Wicker FurnitureOutdoor wicker furniture is an incredibly common choice amongst homeowners in Texas. The material is typically made of rattan, a unique plant found in the exotic rainforests of South-East Asia. Unlike bamboo – another popular furniture material – wicker is hollow, making it incredibly lightweight and yet durable at the same time. These pieces of furniture are bendable and may be worked as needed to create unique shapes and styles of furniture. Once the material is cooled, wicker hardens extensively. All-in-all, outdoor wicker furniture is a smart investment if you would like your outdoor furniture to last.

The Collective Outdoor has quite the collection of wicker furniture for less in Texas. Some of the advantages of choosing wicker include:

  • Wicker comes in a variety of styles
  • The material is fast-growing and sustainable, making it the perfect green initiative
  • Wicker furniture meshes well with most environments – both inside and outdoors
  • Patio furniture often suits a modern and even a more traditional home
  • The furniture is lightweight and easy to shift around, depending on your needs

The disadvantages, on the other hand, are few and far between. It is smart to keep your wicker patio furniture covered or relocated indoors during particularly bad storms. Other than that, we just know you’ll love sitting back and relaxing in a brand-new wicker chair.

When most people think of wicker, they typically imagine old-style chairs found on porches across the country. That’s not always the case, though. Wicker actually comes in a variety of modern styles and beautiful colors. Most now come with cushions attached for extra comfort!

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