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Outdoor Services for Home Owners

Retiree HomeownerAfter retiring, many of us will spend a sizeable portion of our free time outdoors, tending to the garden or relaxing on the patio. After working for so long, everyone deserves a break from the daily task and troubles. Now, with outdoor services for home owners, The Collective Outdoors aims to turn your yard into your own personal paradise. We are sure you have had goals and dreams for your backyard for years, and now is the perfect time to begin an outdoor project and turn that square of grass out back into a patio for entertaining.

Outdoor Living

An outdoor patio or arbor might just be the perfect spot for a cookout or family reunion. Or, if you would rather invite the neighbors for some midafternoon chats and coffee, comfortable patio furniture provides a welcoming environment for everyone.

For those home owners who would rather remain active and hone their cooking skills, an outdoor kitchen complete with outdoor appliances and a modern range is a great way to entertain on the weekends.

Professional Service

When it comes to outdoor services for home owners, The Collective Outdoors aims to give back for years of challenging work. We go above and beyond for our clients, including retirees, and aim to create an outdoor space you can be proud to call your own.

We provide professional delivery, design, and implementation of your outdoor projects. Whether you’ve dreamed of a massive change to your backyard, or perhaps just a little corner for relaxing in the evening, our experienced crew can handle the task. We will design a setup – with your approval during each step – to suit your needs!

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